3 Reasons Your Restaurant NEEDS Online Ordering Capabilities

There are many reasons a restaurant needs online ordering capabilities. We live in a world where instant gratification is of utmost importance to everyone, especially the younger generation. The world has been revolutionized by Internet and the companies that are not realizing this change will be left behind.

Most major restaurants offer online ordering capabilities today. Lack of an online ordering facility means losing out on customers and business. People are increasingly looking for saving time, paying electronically and finding items from their smartphones.

The following are 3 major reasons why your restaurant needs an online ordering feature, using a website or mobile app.

Avoiding Crowds at Peak Times

Peak time crowds make both customers and restaurant owners unhappy. It makes ordering difficult, customers need to wait in long queues and finally wait longer to get the food. An online ordering system allows the restaurant to streamline the order processing and deliver the food much faster and on time. Restaurants such as Panera Bread offers their own mobile app, which allows customers to order from anywhere and also from the table. This allows the customer to either pick up the food and leave or enjoy the food at the table. The options are limitless for restaurant owners to offer customized ordering experiences using various online channels.

When the restaurant is no longer crowded at peak times, it allows customers to grab the food quickly, restaurant to collect the payments electronically and to run the restaurant with fewer staff. Most providers such as trycake.com offer options such as POS for restaurants, mobile ordering and ordering via web. These solutions help restaurants to cater to hundreds of customers without overcrowding the place, even during busy lunch or dinner hours. The introduction of online ordering allows entrepreneurs to open restaurants with limited real estate and run the operations successfully and effectively. There are restaurants who offer pick up services only and the customers order via mobile apps or websites.

Convenience of Electronic Payments

Online ordering automates the process of payments without the hassle of receiving cash payments at the counter. This eliminates human intervention and avoids any errors. Many online services provide real time collection reports and direct integration with accounting platforms. Customers can set up credit cards to pay for online orders or use alternate payment mechanisms such as PayPal, checking accounts, debit cards, etc. Electronic payments help both the business as well as customers with cashless payments, ease of transaction, convenience to pay order charges and tips and most importantly, it allows the customer to keep track of the transaction via credit card or bank statements.

Most providers charge the restaurant business with a fixed fee for each electronic transaction. Customers do not get charged for the convenience of using electronic payments. Restaurants receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on transaction activity. Most people do not carry cash these days and it becomes inevitable for restaurants to offer online payments to attract customers. There are very few restaurants today that accept cash as the only payment mechanism. The more the payment options available, the better it is for restaurants to attract and retain customers. Major payment providers such as Square Up offer simple and fast solutions to accept any form of electronic payments.

Ordering in Advance

For customers, the ability to order in advance helps to save time and adds extra convenience. Diners can check the menu without going to the restaurant and decide on the items easily. They can add the items to the cart and choose the pick up or delivery times. Customers can take as much time as needed to select items compared to ordering from a restaurant table. The experience is so different that most customers prefer to order online and pick up or request delivery of the items.

One of the recent developments with online order services is that there are companies who act as middlemen to pick up and deliver the order to customers. Services such as Door Dash in United States help restaurants gain more business by sending orders from the customers to the restaurant directly and having a delivery person pickup and deliver the food to the customer.

Integration of ordering services with these types of providers adds a new channel to attract more customers. It is easy for customers to either pick up the food or get it delivered at home with online ordering services.

In addition to the above 3 reasons, there are other reasons such as ease of use, convenience and customer satisfaction, that are adding value to the restaurant business. The restaurant with the best online capabilities usually see an influx of new customers. Gone are the days when a restaurant depended only on the quality of food to attract customers. These days the restaurant’s ability to offer simple and effective online ordering capabilities largely determine its success. Most restaurants treat online presence as a normal cost to the business, one that cannot be excluded in today’s world of mobile apps and social media channels.

Post Author: Makay Oliue