Are Permeable Paving Systems Better For Storm Water Management?

With varying commercial paving needs, the solutions also differ. From concrete and asphalt to permeable paving systems, the options are many. When it comes to stormwater management, permeable pavers are considered to be better. In this post, we will talk about the benefits and other aspects that you need to know.

What is the permeable paving system?

As the name suggests, permeable paving systems are designed to be porous/permeable, so that water can run through. Unlike asphalt or concrete, this kind of system doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is relatively easy to install. There are companies that make these permeable pavers, which come in form of smaller grids, which can be placed on the top of the soil and are interlinked to form a strong upper base. The grids can be filled with gravel, soil, sod, or even grass seeds, as required, while there are other artificial choices like grass pavers, as well. With permeable paving systems, you don’t have to worry much about installation, as the labor costs are quite minimal.

For storm water management

As far as stormwater management is concerned, concrete and asphalt paving options are not the best solutions, because the water runs off from the surface. Thanks to permeable pavers, the water is soaked in the soil and can be collected beneath the parking space, if there’s provision for rainwater management. Through the natural bioremediation process, most of the metals, debris, and other pollutants are removed from the water, which is a big advantage with regards to water treatment. Also, there are no concerns related to flooding, and that is not only beneficial for the concerned commercial space but also for the entire community.

Making a choice

If you are looking for permeable pavers, you need to find a company that knows how to give back to the environment. Some of the manufacturers make highly compressed permeable pavers, which are produced from recycled plastics. The grids can run for decades without any maintenance, and you can be assured of getting great returns in the long run because there is no cleaning or unwanted repair involved. Of course, you need to check the prices and costs, which can be higher than asphalt, but considering the benefits, this is the ideal choice for most commercial paving needs.

Check online now and get permeable pavers right away. If required, talk to the manufacturer about the ways to reduce costs further.

Post Author: Makay Oliue