Avoidable Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Next Job Interview

Making the best possible first impression ought to be the goal of every job interview, no matter the outcome, hence the necessity of preparation and practice for each and every opportunity we get to sit down with the person in charge.

Whether you’re interviewing for a notoriously competitive industry, such as finance or marketing, the individuals asking the questions are going to be comparing their qualifications to yours and seeing how you measure up to them, but not only that, they will be trained as recruiters; it is thereby beneficial to learn what a financial recruiter can do for you and your capacity to handle the interview environment – indeed, being able to get into the mindset of recruiters – financial or otherwise – will act as a game changing advantage. It’s with anticipatory skills like this that you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

No doubt, it’s important to anticipate and review questions that could arise during an interview. Not only that, first impressions are primarily visual – we need to look our absolute best both in terms of the aesthetics and appropriateness of our clothes.

In addition to clothing, there are many quirks that could easily go unnoticed about a person until they are put on the spot; in other words, some of our habits are not necessarily things that ought to be taken into the small confines of an interviewing room. One minute mistake could easily tarnish your whole demeanor as a professional, limiting your chances as far as candidacy goes. So, here are a few of the easily-overlooked but highly detrimental things you ought to be aware of.

Dressing Inappropriately

It’s a truism – but a useful one at that – to say that you need to dress appropriately, namely, dress for the job that you truly desire. So, take a minute to research what you think the company guidelines may be for such matters.

Being Tardy

It is absolute essential to arrive early for an interview – not on time, and certainly not later you’re your scheduled appointment; it is a matter of demonstrating respect and accountability for a company.

Demonstrating Negative Attitudes

Negativity will not fly in the workplace; one needs to be open-minded and, at least, perform some semblance of happiness if co-workers are to feel motivated and safe. In the interview, this is especially true. Remember to avoid speaking negatively about past positions and other items on your resume, as people thrive on positivity and people who demonstrate the ability to find meaning in the midst of bad situations.

Awkward, Low Energy Body Language

Body language is one of the most explicit ways of showing enthusiasm; sit up straight and project your voice! You’re excited to be in an interview, after all. But be sure not to interrupt your interviewers with over-enthusiastic sentiments – their voices take precedence, even if you are in the spotlight.

Being Informal Or Downright Facetious

Foul language and slang is, of course, unacceptable. But too much humour could also be off-putting for some interviewers, depending on the position at hand. Remember, you’re not there to make friends, but rather, demonstrate that you can be a team player. Finally, under no circumstance should you be too open about your personal life, as this can make many feel uncomfortable and give off the impression that you lack boundaries.

In short, try and be your best self by avoiding these habits or tendencies we often don’t even realize we possess and the interview process should be a success in no time at all.

Post Author: Makay Oliue