Five Ways a Company Saves Money by Hiring a Telephone Answering Service

If your business is expanding or just starting out, then you will want to reduce business expenses so that there is capital for other uses. One way to save money on hiring personnel is to hire a telephone answering service to help meet your business needs. Here are some of the services they offer that can help save your company money while keeping your clients happy.

Hire as Receptionist

If your new business is a one-man operation for now, it is impossible to be in the office answering telephone calls while meeting clients to sell your services. Since missing calls usually means missing business opportunities, you should hire an answering service to act as your receptionist. They can answer all the telephone calls to your office, take messages, and forward urgent ones to your mobile via SMS so you can call your clients back as soon as you can.

Schedule Service 24/7

So as not to miss out on business calls after hours, you can hire a service to answer your telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Getting your phones answered is especially important if you have a business that receives emergency calls for service, such as a plumbing business, a towing service, or a locksmith service. Along with not missing important calls, the service can answer simple questions and take messages from customers whose problems are not urgent.

Add Personnel as Needed

If you have a seasonal business, then there are times of the year when your business picks up. Instead of trying to hire temporary help and taking the time to train them, hire an answering service to handle the influx of calls to your company. They can take care of the rollover calls that your staff cannot get to during your busy season, answer simple questions, and forward messages to the proper departments.

Reduce Overhead Costs

When you hire new personnel, you will need to pay benefits and buy furniture and equipment to set up their workstations. However, when your company hires an answering service, your overhead is greatly reduced, if not totally eliminated.

The service takes care of their staff’s benefits, training expenses, and the cost of setting up their workstations. To get a quote on a monthly service plan, contact an answering service about your business needs.

Fulfil Catalogue Requests

Along with answering telephone calls, many answering services also fulfil simple requests for clients. If your business sends product catalogues or calendars to clients, the service can have their staff send out mass mailings and send catalogues to people who request them.

By having a service send out mass mailings, your staff has more time to take care of their core business duties, which is making money for your company.

Post Author: Makay Oliue