Mobile Truck LVS Weighing Systems

If you are in the market for the most up to date mobile truck weighing systems then Loadscan (Load Management solutions) offers one of the most advanced, technology-driven options available on the market today. If you require a speedy system that is fully mobile then you need to look no further than Loadscan’s Mobile Load Volume Scanner (LVS).

No matter where you need to be, or what load needs measuring this system is designed with a compact, portable device that can be anywhere, and set up in the fastest of times. Once you arrive at your destination the system setup time is as little as 45 minutes. Yes, that’s only 45 minutes before your mobile truck measuring systems are up and running!

So what does LVS have to offer?

  • A range of power options to work around any power difficulties remote sites may have
  • Wi-Fi and network connections to your fixed office
  • Measure and monitor any load in almost any remote location
  • A fully self-contained unit with training
  • Light enough to be towed by most 4 wheel drive or light commercial vehicles
  • Built with rough terrain locations in mind
  • RFID tag reading capabilities
  • Automatic identification of each vehicle
  • Automatic responses sent to your computer or device
  • Can be run from generators and mainline electricity

Mobile Truck Weighing Systems Overview Technology

Along with the hardware, Loadscan has designed the most up to date software to be used with the mobile weighing system. This is called “Overview”.


Once you have all the data you need from the measuring system you will need a professional and reliable system to turn that data into usable results. Overview will automatically retrieve all the data, analyse it and send it to your chosen devices. Through Overview you can:

  • View and edit each individual loads data
  • Sort and filter results
  • Generate summaries and reports
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Create a user interface that will work with existing databases
  • Work wirelessly or by cable
  • Offers real-time remote monitoring
  • Use their free base version or upgrade to add more functions and customisation options

Overview Features

So let’s just look at all the features available in a little more detail. The free base version offers these features:

  • USB or wired / wireless connection to LVS
  • Import measurements through the above options
  • Internet and cellular modem connect ability (Myscanner service)
  • Consolidate data from multiple LVS systems
  • Statistics are summarized and made available to view through date and time ranges
  • Details can be edited and adjusted where necessary
  • Flexibility with load data parameters
  • Period report generation ability

Add on functions

  • Load profiling can be presented in a graphical form
  • Load distribution analysis can be customisable
  • Remote control ability
  • Advanced analysis with customisable options
  • Interface for customising data exports


Loadscan is the leading provider of load management solutions and offers the latest and most technologically advanced systems for fast and reliable mobile truck weighing systems. The return on investment from such a system will be noticeable from the savings made in product waste reductions and the economical load delivery achieved by using this state-of-the-art mobile truck weighing system.

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Post Author: Makay Oliue