Top Supermarkets in UK out to tackle Waste Problem

Waste has become a huge problem for UK. Moreover, with the pledge made by Theresa May recently to eradicate plastic before 2042, you should be worried about the food waste issue. Reconomy, offering a wide variety of skips for hire has been known to help in any kind of business project. They would help you reveal the steps taken by the supermarkets in UK to curb the issue of plastic waste management.

According to the Food Standards Agency, UK has been known to throw around seven million tonnes of food and drink every year in the household. People could eat the same if not wasted like that. However, it would cost at an astounding £12.5 billion. In case, you wonder what the supermarkets have been doing to tackle the waste problem, read on about major companies making significant changes.


The biggest grocery store in UK has made huge changes to save food going to waste. They would provide the food that could no longer be sold in the market, to be sent to charity free of charge through the FoodCloud App.

Co-Op Food

The fifth biggest food retailer in UK has already sent 50 tonne of food to FareShare in September2015. They intend to provide food to people who do not have the means to purchase it. Their new scheme would save 50,000 items every year that could have gone to waste. It would help you tackle the environmental problem.


The frozen food market, Iceland has tackled the waste problem by pledging to eliminate plastic usage on its brand by 2023. The products would not cost more to the public with the plastic being removed from the shelves.

If more companies could join in to remove plastic from the world, it would be in the best of interest of the environment and the overall health of the planet.

Post Author: Makay Oliue