VPNs For Small Businesses Are The Perfect Solution

There are hundreds of new VPNs being brought on to the market every day. In this gigantic market, there exists a nearly limitless supply of free VPN’s, but there is more you should know.

Originally VPN’s were created to allow everyone to use the internet to its fullest capabilities. There are those who believe the internet should be a place free of the authorities that try to control it. And the VPN is those peoples greatest asset because it hides your IP while you browse the internet and it allows you more security online.

Nowadays you can get a VPN that is specially designed to fulfill a purpose. Whether it be gaining access to country-specific sites like Netflix or it is to have full anonymity while browsing, there is a VPN to match your online needs. However, it doesn’t help the average internet user if these tools for safer browsing are too expensive. This is where the need for free VPN’s came from.

Just as VPN’s have been getting better and more advanced, so has the threats of malicious files on the internet. This means that a VPN that is created today might be completely obsolete the next day against a more effective threat. And this is why it is so expensive to develop a VPN – it is the constant research and development that must be put into it. Some do make it easier by offering discounts on their subscription fees if you pay for a year in advance and some allow you to have many devices linked so that you can share with friends. Most people, however, will still prefer to use a free VPN because they feel paying for a VPN is a waste of money. Free VPN’s haven’t solved the problem though and, if anything, they might be making it worse.

If you think about it logically, how is it that something so expensive can all of a sudden be free and still provide the same quality service? It seems too good to be true because it usually is. And the trade-off for having your VPN free is your personal information.

When a normal paid VPN charges a subscription fee, it is in order to maintain their existing infrastructure and ensure that the service remains quality. Of course, they do make a profit on top of that but so is the way of ethical business. Where do free VPN’s make their money then? By selling your personal information to 3rd parties, that’s how.

Every time you use a VPN to browse the internet, you are using their connections which means that they can monitor everything that you go through their servers. What they do with that information (like credit card details or browsing history for example) is then up to them. And if it happens to be a free VPN who has your information they will more than likely sell it because it can fetch a good price to advertisers, hackers and other malicious third parties. The best way to use a VPN’s services for free at little risk is to use the free trials offered by most paid VPN’s. https://www.lemigliorivpn.com/

Post Author: Makay Oliue